Friday, 4 March 2011

Al Fres Co

My friend Mark has arranged a Family friendly outdoor event on 11th June 2011 at Whindyke Farm, Blackpool, this is what the facebook page says...

"There will be a full announcement of what is going on next week, complete artwork, tickets and info.  I will say though, its looking fantastic and I cant wait for it to fully evolve.  The idea is to have a great day out with your kids in Blackpool with them being encouraged to be creative, while you are entertained with great music"

Sounds great to me, tickets are £11.95 and children under 5 go free, and tickets will also include a Free Photo Session with Emma Buschini Photography.  There will be laser strike, b-boy lessons, pottery, face painting and so much more to do all set to great music, I cannot wait!

Have a look at the facebook page here and tell your friends about it too!

See you there!  Em x

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